How to Take A Meaningful Solo Trip to Bali

In this article, Mana Ogawa, Founder of Girls Bee, gives 3 practical tips to travelers who would like to take a meaningful solo trip to Bali.

Bali is one of the most popular islands to visit in the world. We can enjoy the island with family, lovers and friends. But for solo travelers, the island is also a great place to visit, especially for busy business women. Today I will share with you the various ways you can take a meaningful solo trip to Bali and also some places to stay.

#1. Spending time in Nature

I imagine that most ladies who read this article live and work in cities. City life is exciting and we always love and enjoy it. But spending time in nature is necessary not only for women but also any human being. While you are soaking in nature, you will feel naturally relaxed and energized. Scientist shows that spending time in nature help us release our stress; restore mental energy; have better vision and also foster sharper thinking and creativity. In Bali, there are so many activities one can do in nature. Doing yoga in open air environment, catching waves when surfing, feeling the wind while riding scooter, meditating, or  just walking in nature and rice field are just a few of life simple pleasures when holidaying in Bali.

#2. Meeting new people from different countries and backgrounds

Encounters with new people are one of the best things that we can experience during trips, especially during solo trips. You will meet people from different countries and different backgrounds. We can share our stories about our lives, jobs, businesses, and relationship etc. Sometimes people who have different background (can) help us open our eyes literally and help us find new and meaningful ways to live our lives.

You might experience these encounters in any cafes, restaurants, hotel, co-working space or location. Or whilst surfing and yoga. Other options to meet new people would be via event that you can find online and apps.

#3. Taking time for “Self-Guide”

I recommend you to do the “Self-Guide” that I introduced in my earlier article, during solo trips. It would be ideal for you to do it in Bali or any other cities. Doing the “self-guide” in new environments can help you do it more efficiently.

Some recommendations to make your solo trip more meaningful

Based on my personal experience, I would strongly recommend the following to female travelers making a solo trip to Bali:

– Inner Temple Retreat

Hosted by two lovely and gorgeous ladies who are originally from Europe, this retreat is ideal for both beginner and experienced female solo travelers. The traditional Balinese style accommodation is chic and cute. You can enjoy yoga, meditation, walking rice field and mandala drawing (Emma, one of the hosts, is a mandala drawing artist as well). And I can’t forget to mention that you can enjoy beautiful, healthy and lovely vegan dishes during the retreat.

*Special offer for Lady Boss readers: Inner Temple Retreat offers a 10% discount if 4 ladies book to stay in 2× twin cabins for their 3 days “nature & yoga retreat”. There is one retreat per months starting September 2017. The dates are listed on their website. Please contact Inner Temple Retreat directly and don’t for get to mention that you read this “LadyBoss” article! 

(Please note that the venue and content might be changed. Please contact them directly for more information).

– Serenity Eco Guesthouse

Serenity Eco Guesthouse is located in the heart of Canggu, which is known as recent one of the most popular hip-star town in Bali. The guest house runs yoga studio. The studio is open from morning to evening every day. Guests can enjoy different kinds of yoga programs as you like. The place is also just 5 mins walk from beach. Many solo travelers and backpackers stay at this place from all over the world. So you might be able to make new friends here while you enjoy the stay and yoga programs.

– Bali Silent Retreat

If you prefer solitude and spending time just by yourself, this place is highly recommended. The place is located north of Tabanan, which is a bit further from the city and touristy busy area. (It is approximately 2 and a half hours away from the airport). The place is very quiet and guests are not encouraged to speak during the stay except for some specific requests and based on needs. With no Wi-Fi and signal connection around the place you can truly immerse and enjoy yourself in beautiful nature. Morning/ afternoon yoga and meditation, and delicious vegetarian foods are provided.

I hope that you will find my 3 tips to take a meaningful solo trip to Bali and my recommendations for accommodation useful. I believe that all busy business women who read this article, including entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and housewives, need time to be alone. Only then, can they find what they truly seek. I hope this article will help you have a meaningful and refreshing trip to Bali.

This article is contributed by Mana Ogawa, Founder of Girls Bee. Girls Bee is a community and platform aiming to empower and encourage women to live the way they want to be. We provide opportunities for women to learn, think and take action to become what they can be.

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