LadyBosses Supporting Children’s Society at Plaza Singapura Popup Market

Taking place at level 4 of Plaza Singpura, this one-month pop-up market is a charity initiative, supported by Plaza Singapura. Organized by The Social Exchange, the market features a series of products from crafters and designers, both local and overseas.

Featuring more than 20 stalls of bespoke accessories, terrariums, handicrafts, organic skincare products, essential oils, eco-friendly yoga wear, local chef’s creation of condiments and marinade sauces, hand-crafted tableware and many more, shoppers will be thrilled with all the eclectic and unique finds.

That’s not all, the market also offers workshops for children and adults too. On weekends, there are trinket box designing, colouring workshops for the younger shoppers, as well as leather accessories customisation and terrarium making for everyone.


The Social Exchange Presents: A Charity Craft & Gusto Market @ Plaza Singapura

Date: 20 February – 19 March 2017
Venue: Plaza Singapura, #04-62 (near Customer Service Centre) 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839
Time: 11am – 9.30pm (daily)


The market is also available for any budding business owners who will like to showcase their products with us. Most importantly, this market comes with a social cause whereby partial of the rental and sales proceed are donated to Singapore Children’s Society. You may also do your part to support in purchasing the society’s range of merchandise which are available for sale at the market. Shop for a Good Cause!


Meet the lady owners behind this pop-up charity market!



Wackymons ®, a character design brand are a group of wacky monsters with their own unique personalities.  In Wackymonsland is full of happiness and positive energy because we believe that happiness is the most important thing in life!  There is a child in everyone’s heart, we’re all Wackymons. Stay Wacky, Be Happy!

There are 8 key characters – Lofing, Shiek, Hamburg, Missy, Bunnie, MooMoo and Lazyworm & Bearnie who live in this fantastic dreamland.  These nature’s creatures they serve as defenders of their homeland from the unknown attackers.  They use their heart and patience in creating the world of their dreams.  Even though the homeland has changed and been dominated by parasites, they are still filled with optimism as they try to adapt to their new surroundings.  Their positive energies come from their smiles as they unite to defend their dream home.

Owner: Shenly Yee





Locally designed in Singapore, our concept is to inspire everyone to own a quality leather bag, without the high price tag.

With meticulous attention being paid to the craftsmanship, we have created a selection of timeless and unique designs that can easily blend into your lifestyle. The exclusive materials bring together leather-crafting traditions and fashion design creativity.

With only limited numbers created in each design, your individuality will stand out from the crowd! With the ‘Bags & Leather’ logo embossed very discretely on the inside, every bag in our collection is a bag in a league of its own… No logos everywhere, and best of all, each bag owner will enjoy the exclusivity of owning a unqiue piece as only 20 pieces are produced for each style and colour!

Owner: Denise Toop




Nila Aromatherapy Bar

Nila is a Singapore brand of essential oils and base oils related products. Our products are bespoke and carefully blended to cater to the different needs of individuals.

Essential oils are one of nature’s best kept secrets. Valued for their wonderful cosmetic properties, they have been used extensively for thousands of years in aromatherapy and various traditional medicinal systems. Due to their numerous health benefits, essential oils are increasingly being explored by the scientific community for treatment of a variety of diseases and ailments.

All the products are all free of parabens, artificial colours and chemical fragrance. The ingredients are sourced globally from reputable farms and the products are manufactured locally and in Japan (for selected range).

Owner: Adeline Lim





悠(read “YOU”) is all about being lighthearted and relaxed.  And it is also all about “YOU”. 

With YOU we hope to put aside the cares of the modern day and to enter into the world of YOU where life is simpler and carefree. 

With YOU in mind we have carefully selected brands and items that are made with heart and soul.  We feature items that would bring simple joy to our daily life and improve our mind and body.

With YOU we hope to return to the days of old and love the Earth.

Owner: Koo Ee Peng





We are crafters and we bring your occasion to life with  our handcrafted creations – through cherry-picked materials with a myriad of textures and colours. Essentially, we craft your story and the emotional bond behind it. 

In every craft unfolds a story, celebrating part of who we are. 

FlippingNotes is the brainchild of Marilyn, created to celebrate people and their stories behind. Having pursued her education in London College of Fashion, the stint left her greatly inspired by the quirkiness of the English people, culminating the creation of one of a kind pieces.

Armed with more than a decade of experience in Learning and Development field, Marilyn incorporates her expertise into FlippingNotes which she is most elated to pursue.

Owner: Marilyn Ng




Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food

Singapore Singapore Fine Food is a range of Singapore sauces and crackers based on Shermay’s family recipes and Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. It includes convenient ready-to-eat condiments, such as chilli sauce (Cilicuka & Sambal Hijau), Ginger Garlic Sauce, and ready-to-cook marinade (Singapore Meat Marinade). The range of crackers features prawn crackers (keropok)and bitternut crackers (emping) which are perfect for dipping into the chilli sauces.


A 6th generation Peranakan with a strong culinary tradition, Shermay has strong impressions of being the kitchen as early as five years old by her grandmother, Mrs Lee Chin Koon, who was considered the doyen of Peranakan cuisine and was the author of the famous cookbook, ‘Mrs Lee’s Cookbook’, akitchen stalwart published three decades ago. She later attended the renowned classical French culinary institute, Le Cordon Bleu, then worked as an Investment Banker at Morgan Stanley, Schroders Corporate Finance and UBS Investment Bank. Prior to that, she graduated from Brown University, USA, with a degree in Political Science and History.

Owner: Shermay Lee



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