The Truth Behind Being a Successful Business Woman

Finding Success In Business
Finding Success In Business

There is much more to being a successful business woman than just applying marketing strategies. Much more important work needs to be done beforehand.

And that’s clearing all the energy, beliefs, money stories, fears, and limitations that keep you where you are.

What if

  • the reality is that your business isn’t bringing you a decent income?
  • the reality is that you are broke and struggling with attracting clients.
  • the reality is that your negative mindset keeps re-creating lack and brokenness?

Then ask yourself this question: “What do I get from sitting in the same situation and not allowing myself to receive the support that will help me create a thriving business and attract as many clients as I need”?

The Reason Behind a Business Failure

The truth is that unless we clear all the past baggage that keeps us small and broke, nothing will change. The change starts within you! Unless you build a strong foundation inside yourself NO BUSINESS that you own will succeed, and this is sad but true. I have watched women fail, over and over again. Stubborn but really deep inside suffering. Running away from themselves. Betraying themselves by living in poverty, not only financial but mindset poverty too. Women who wouldn’t allow themselves to receive. Women who didn’t love themselves enough to open for wealth and abundance.

My heart is broken while writing this and thinking about them. I was that woman, too, for years! Looking back, my life has been just so sad and painful. Going through unhappy relationships, depression, jobs that made me feel small, broke, UNHAPPY and UNFULFILLED! When your inner self is not positive and strong, people around you can sense it, your business partner, your employees and your clients. Everybody wants to work with positive, energetic people, so if you are negative deep down, relationships with them will break down eventually leading to a business failure.

Success Lies in Your Mindset

My message to you today is: If you recognize yourself even a little bit in this story, then I really encourage you to WAKE UP! I can’t force you. I can’t push you. I won’t beg you. What I can tell you is: I turned EVERYTHING around! I don’t want to bore you with yet another Facebook SUCCESS story, but I just ask you to be OPEN to my words. Now, If you want, you may sit down comfortably, and take a few deep breaths in and out and connect within. Connect with yourself.

Ask yourself this question: “Why do I betray myself as a woman? Why do I keep saying “NO” to a prosperous and abundant life? How much longer am I prepared to struggle? But most importantly: Do I want to find myself in the same situation in the next 6 months? One year? If the answer is “NO” then perhaps it’s YOUR time? Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge your DREAMS and DESIRES and get the support to CREATE the LIFE that I know you are meant for and that is available for you.

The universe is ready to support you! Are you ready to RECEIVE? I would love to hear your story!

This is a guest article contributed by wealth and success coach Anna Chainska.

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