Top 5 Lessons From Running Crappy Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing
Facebook marketing

Facebook advertisements can be useful when done right, but you don’t know how many trials it takes for you to get optimal results for online Ads until you play and tweak it over and over again.

Even after running regional online marketing campaigns across 7 countries 5 years, hands on investigating and thoughtful analysis for the optimal combo takes continued enthusiasm 🙂

One of the things I’ve been polishing is Copy Writing and here are some of my major takeaways:

1. Selling to Individuals is Key to Success (vs Expensive Hobby)

– Selling is challenging and you may feel icky – and there’s a way to get through that to make it an enjoyable and mutually beneficial process
– Selling is a very individual process, taking one person and walking them through the emotional and psychological steps to make a buying decision
– Products are bought, not sold. Selling is about helping a person buy, not pushing them toward something that they don’t want to do.
– No point getting attached to the outcome – plenty of ideal clients out there waiting for you!
-Professional selling is about ethically helping people make a decision to fulfill a need
– Each prospect, from their perspective, is alone. They want to be talked to as if they and their needs are special and unique

2. Marketing is Selling at a Large Scale

– If selling is a one-to-one process, then marketing is selling on a mass scale
– Marketing is communicating to a large number of individuals where the product/service solves their problem or meets their needs

3. Copywriting – Key in Marketing Audio, Video and Print

– Copywriting is the words that we are using – it’s “word-smithing”
– The words are what carry most of the message in the story
– When you learn how to word-smith, your copywriting gets your prospect emotionally excited to take action and get the results that you’re offering

4. Write Action Inspiring Copy

– Beyond just a Call to Action button, write copy and market (with integrity) so people make decisions and take action, not just to entertain people

5. Build Rapport With Copy

– Write like you’re writing to a best friend or friend. When people are at ease, they’re more likely to read on and take action

Copywriters, Advertisers, Marketers, what resonates, what else would you add?

Copywriting is also critical in SEO content, SEO is not just about writing for Google for writing for the audience as well.


This is a guest post for LadyBoss by innovation and Peak performance coach Ying Han Cheng, adapted from and inspired by E. Pagen.

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