What Are your Goals in 2017? Here’s the top 4 listed New Year Resolutions

It’s almost January and the end of the year is near as we move forward to a new start!

It is a great time to reflect what you have done in the current year and what are the goals you want to achieve in the next year.

There are many reasons why people make New Year Resolutions –  common trends are to give up the unhealthy habits and adopting the good ones.

Let’s just look at the top 5 listed New Year resolutions which are being made globally.

Having a dream job can be a reality!

#1 – A Job you’re passionate about:

You’ve always think about being a writer or setting up your own business? May 2017 be a year possible for you to pursue your passion!

Having the job which gives you utmost satisfaction and is as per your passion is a dream job. You can set your eyes on your dream job as your New Year resolution.

A realistic goal, is highly motivating especially when you give them your fullest dedication. Nothing is impossible if tried with utmost effort.

Similarly, you can land into the job you are passionate about with right kind of experience, knowledge, and effort.

Having a dream job can be a reality!

Through meditation, gain refreshed confidence and perspective to conquer 2017!

#2 – Learn the Art of Meditation:


Meditations have proved to be a great way for keeping your thought process in balance and it also helps a great deal in controlling one’s emotions.

Most find it difficult to take time out of their busy schedules for meditation, but do give it a try and see if meditation works for you.

If you are serious about practicing mediation in your life on a daily basis, be sure to note it down in your New Year resolution! By at the end of the year, you might have perfected the art of mediation!

Through meditation, gain refreshed confidence and perspective to conquer 2017!

Another personality trait that most of the people struggle with is the lack of confidence. They might feel inferior to others because of this issue. New Year is a great time to vow themselves to boost their confidence level.

Get ready to be your own ninja with your brand new energy and a positive mind!

It is time to discover yourself and get intimate with you!

#3 – Getting out of Your Comfort Zone and Picking up New Skills:

Living your life in the comfort zone isn’t really exciting nor does it allow for new opportunities to knock on your door.

It gets monotonous after a point of time and kick the year off with a strong start!

You may not be the adventurous few or are spontaneous with  taking up challenges or new skills, but hey there is always a first time for 2017!

In 2017, groom yourself as an individual person, and learn more about you through doing an activity our of your comfort zone.

It is time to discover yourself!

#4 – Spend More Time with Friends and Family:


Some people, in the quest of personal and career goals, tend to focus less on their near and dear ones.

Spend some quality and quantity time with them in order to face the challenges thrown by life at you.

You can take this New Year resolution to spend more time with your friends and family and be closer to them.

Excited for 2017? Tell us what your New Year Resolutions are!

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