Why Your Company Should Consider Sleeping Pods in Office

Sleeping Pod
Sleeping Pod

Do you find yourself nodding at your table after returning from a carb-heavy lunch? The 3pm-slump usually replaces all the energy you had when you entered the office earlier in the mornings and all you see in front of you is your desktop screen with blurry words.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be allowed a really short nap?

Singaporeans are among the world’s most sleep-deprived people with an average of less than seven hours of sleep a day. The lack of sleep could lead to potential health problems and (employers hear this!) affects thinking abilities. Sure, dozing off at work may be a sign of laziness or even disrespect but more employers are noticing the benefits of allowing their employees the privilege of copping a nap on the job.

The Sleeping Pod Trend

It’s not uncommon for offices to have workout areas or gyms. But in the recent years, several companies in Singapore have incorporated private rooms for its employees to catch a few winks during the day. If napping was part of a company’s culture, employees won’t be sneaking shut-eye periods when they know they should be working. Encouraging a short afternoon nap not only negates the possibility of their ‘defiance’, it also shows that your company has a strong commitment to employee wellness.

Taking a Nap Can Improve Productivity

You know the numbers. Several research have proven that short naps at the workplace help recover skill proficiency and increase memory and productivity. If an employee takes a nap for 30 minutes, his or her level of concentration on the job may be running at 95% for the next half an hour. A short nap can boost the employee’s alertness and improve overall performance. This beats having his or her productivity level at 20% for the same period of time doesn’t it?

Consider Having a Sleeping Pod in Your Office

You may be ambitious: yoga classes, an in-house masseuse, swinging hammocks facing the Singapore skyline and so on. Employee wellness at its best! But if you’re a small team with a modest office floorplan, start by introducing the sleep pod. Block out a quiet area and fill it with bean bags, pillows, fresh earplugs and eye-shades. Encourage your employees to take a short 20-minute nap when they get back from lunch. Create a roster and open up for ‘reservations’ if you know that space can only fit one single adult. Trust me, your employees will appreciate it. Who knows, they may not even want to go home when the day ends!

Nap time at work isn’t a sign of unproductivity or laziness. As Gen Ys and Zs enter the workforce, it’s no longer just about the salary. Today, attracting talent requires not only employee engagement but looking after their welfare as well. There is definitely a shift in the way we view the workplace as employers look to fill up vacancies in the company. Sleeping pods are a great start!

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