Why She Started

“If you don’t know what your passion is, realise that one reason for your existence is to find it,” Oprah Winfrey once said. Three LadyBosses were lucky enough to find their passions and in this article, they tell us why they started their business. A workwear apparel shop, a boho bridal boutique and a sustainable innerwear company.

Can you match the correct the LadyBoss to the business? Scroll down to find out if you’re right!

Founder of Lara’J, Kristal

Why She Started:

I believe that an outfit is an expression of the person herself and that is the first thing that people see to infer who you may be, like it or not. It doesn’t mean that people are always right when they assume who you are based on your character, but you can dress a certain way and show off your personality through apparels. This is why LaraJ was created – to create a classy and feminine line of clothing for the new age women. Looking professional does not mean that you have to wear a pantsuit or pants. As the designer and owner of the brand, my goal is to bring to life outfits that help confident women look good and yet keeping it classy. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! My creations are almost always midi-length, high-slit and body-tracing. I find that not many brands have the sexy, professional woman in mind when they come up with their creations. The woman who is ambitious, who is not afraid of stares and the woman who owns her sexuality. I tend to keep to three basic colours of Black, Red and White. Black is always in style. Red is confident and sexy. White is a head-turner. With LaraJ, you will always dress to impress.

Founder of Terie, Terie

Why She Started:

It all started when I was feeling the frustration of wearing tight body fitted uniforms while flying as a stewardess. The extreme discomfort caused by wired bras made it unbearable for me to work up in the air as the need for movement is very important. The prolonged discomfort made me persistent to search for a comfortable bra. I found her first piece of bralette from forever 21. Wearing my first wireless bralette on was a life-changing experience as it provided comfort and freedom of movement for me hence, I went out to the retail stores in search for more but couldn’t find any that suits the Asian body so I thought why not create my own? I started her journey with the vision to redefine the meaning of beauty by using women from all walks of life as models. The range of sizes, structure and colour of the Terie bralettes aims to make it possible for women of all skin colour, age and size to feel comfortable everyday! With Terie, I hope to empower women with quality inner armour for everyday wear, so women can face their day’s challenges in comfort. Keep chasing the dream!

Founder of Frieda Brides, Natalia Lukito

Why She Started:

I was never a fan the princess wedding dress. When it was time for my own wedding, I imagined myself in a simple, chic gown that reflects my free-spirited style. However, during my gown shopping here, it turned out to be very difficult to find a simple wedding dress that is well-designed and of good quality. And most of the international bridal designers stocked here were in the high-end range that most people can’t actually afford. I realized there was this unfulfilled niche market in the Singapore bridal market. With the growing trend of alternative weddings among the younger generation, and of simpler; modern wedding dresses; I felt confident that there is demand for the type of styles I had in mind.

At the time, I was working as a counselor at a non-profit organization, a field that I had studied for and been working in for years. It was a huge decision to start this business and completely changed my career, but I had a very strong feeling that it could work and decided to follow it. Looking back, I definitely have no regrets. 

All Wardrobe: Lara’J

Shoot Location: Frieda Brides

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