Women Entrepreneurs, You Need to Declutter Your Life

Office desktop clutter
Office desktop clutter

As women entrepreneurs, we are so busy all the time and the amount of things we have to do pile up really quickly. The amount of clutter everywhere becomes an invisible but constant burden that weighs on your mind. Research has shown that decluttering is actually good for your mind and productivity! In fact, clutter can even affect your health.

Decluttering your life though is not just about your desk and your office. Let’s look at the places which require a good decluttering.

Office Desk

This is the first place to start, it’s really hard to think straight when your desk is in a mess! Here are a few tips that you can apply to decluttering your desk.

  • Use wireless devices as far as possible – bluetooth has allowed most devices to go wireless, the less wires you have, the easier to manage
  • Don’t rely on post it notes, instead organize your to-dos using to-do list applications like To-Doist, Wunderlist and more
  • If you have a wall, hang your stationery on the wall, like scissors, staplers etc to avoid desktop clutter and provide ease of reach
  • Don’t keep namecards, scan them using software like Scannable and organize them with Evernote
  • Try to avoid paper receipts, invoices, statements etc., as far as possible digitize everything and store them in the computer/cloud
  • Clear your desk of all items other than the essential items like keyboard and mouse and the document/file you are working on at the moment. Keep the rest of the documents/files away until you are ready to work on them

PC or Laptop

The desktop is your virtual office desk, just like your physical space, clearing it will do wonders for productivity. In fact, here’s why you should not put with digital clutter.

How often do find it hard to find files sometimes? The key is to have an organized filing system which is easy to understand.

  • Clear files off the deskop, do not leave files lying everywhere, make it a point to organize them properly, I personally clear them every week
  • Organize your folders into projects, categories, but avoid folders with sub-folders and files, folders should only contain folders or files. It’s been shown that you spend more time trying to find files this way
  • Start filing and follow your system, many of us get lazy after a while so it’s important to stay disciplined in sticking to the system
  • Use Evernote to organize your notes and files, it’s amazing for organizing almost anything, from pdf files to notes, business etc.
  • Upload your files to cloud and sync using Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive etc. This way you can access your files from any pc and eliminate duplicate files and structure. Most importantly it ensures that the versions are consistent

Try it out, take time off to declutter and you will find that it does wonder for your mind, health and productivity. Let me know how it goes!

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