Your One-Stop Guide to The Yoga Event of the Year SOULSCAPE 2016

LadyBosses, stop working and get out to the Yoga event of the year this weekend!

With so much going on at SOULSCAPE 2016, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. From yoga, dance, meditation, healing, and music, here are our select picks for the festival! Remember as a LadyBoss reader you are entitled to 30% OFF! Discount Code: LADYBOSS


Yoga, Movement, and Dance

Kick off your day with conscious, physical expression by our yoga, dance and movement presenters. Engage in an energising Kalari Yoga session with Amanda Koh or for the daredevils out there, grab a partner and embrace the fiery fun of AcroYoga with Marc Bauchet!

Looking to try something different and exciting? You will not be disappointed by Daniel “Sonic” Rojas’s Embodied Dance, a unique playshop that breaks down the boundaries of movement. We also have Capoeira with Live Music by Contramestre Tucum this year that is guaranteed to get you moving.


Meditate and Chill

In need of some peace and quiet? Open up your upper and lower chakras with Masumi Lacoste. Or head to the Healing Hut for a 60-minute meditation session with experienced practitioners.

Sound therapy is something SOULSCAPE believes in. Over at the cosy Tiger Lily Lounge, chill out with Cosmic Sound Vibes from the band Flame of the Forest. Pop in whenever for a quick break as there will be great music playing at the Lounge for the entire day.


Recharge and Rejuvenate

With so much going on, it is only natural to take a breather. Head towards The Village to meet holistic therapists, grab a nutritious lunch, or purchase earth- and people-friendly brands. Get your fortunes read and soothe aching muscles at the Zen Zone!

Kick back at the Tiger Lily Lounge on our plush bean bags, and chill out with DJ Jean Reiki and the Sacred Song Sisters after Sunset Yoga.


Come Together for Sunset Yoga

As dusk sets, join us in the long-awaited Sunset Yoga led by Denise Keller! SOULSCAPE’s signature event celebrates the union of our #soulcircle community with the inner self. Flow along to the beautiful setting sun, accompanied by tunes from DJ Doopz as we salute the day’s end with gratitude in our hearts.


To have a better idea of what is happening at SOULSCAPE Festival 2016, check out the exciting lineup here.

Remember as a LadyBoss reader you are entitled to 30% OFF! Discount Code: LADYBOSS

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